Paul Mendelsund, I love you.

Just discovered Paul Mendelsund, via an interview posted on Kottke. (www.kottke.org)

My favorite part:

Talk a little bit about your work process. Do you start with a pencil and paper, or do you go straight to the mouse?
PM: Every project is completely different. Today for instance, I just pencil sketched one project, (I just had a clear vision of it). On another, I futzed around on my computer till something emerged. There’s one project I’m working on now where the process seems to be: stare at the ceiling, cruise the web till I get carpal tunnel syndrome, bother every coworker I can find, bang my forehead on my monitor, then walk home dejectedly.

The rest of the interview:

And Mendelsund's website here:

Happy Friday.

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