renegade ponies

Keeping on the them e of horse related photography, here is something both nice to look at and relevant to my upcoming weekend. Someone mentioned this project to me a while back, but I just now got around to looking in to it. You should really go to the website (it's quite informative) but I will give you a brief overview. Basically, this man who lives in Portland started noticing these steel loops around the city that people use d to hitch their horse s to back in the day when people need ed to hitch their horses to things . He had one of those moments where in which you notice something and proceed to see it everywhere thereafter . He thought it would be a good idea to attach real (toy) horse s to them to get other people paying closer attention to the hidden things surrounding us everyday and often going unnoticed. It's become somewhat of a movement where people are adding horses and documenting with photos all over the city. There are even maps to different pony locations. Anyway, I love this idea. And , I love how those little ponies look in the midst of the city structures and going ons. I'm headed to Portland tomorrow (io see one of my professors give a lecture at Reed college), with ponies in hand...

love love

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Claire said...

WOW. i do LOVE this project. when you're in portland this weekend can you please, please find some and photograph yourself next to them? did you check out the photo gallery? there are even some breyer horses in there... i hope those horses write letters to each other like our breyer horses used to. hey, maybe we need a breyer horse post one of these days. maybe i should tie my breyer horses to the hitching posts in golden... it could be a nationwide revoltion.