Yesterday afternoon I took Roux for a "hike" on Table Mountain, the open space near our house. Mostly we just walked a little ways in and then played in the tall grass for some photos. Roux does this especially adorable thing in tall grass where she literally bounces:

In an effort to encourage more bouncing, I tried throwing various object away from me in hopes she'd chase them. She didn't. The light was so beautiful and it was so warm and in a moment of abandonment, I started bouncing around in the field with her, running and jumping. It was really liberating. Until I realized that I'd been frolicking with my camera bag open and my lens cap had fallen out. At first I started berating myself, like why why why did I just start running around a field with impossibly tall grass withouth THINKING about the fact that my camera bag was open? Stupid, stupid. Then while I was trying to retrace my steps (retracing frolicking steps is especially hard because they go in no particular order or direction), I realized I should actually maybe be a little happy I'd lost my lens cap the way I had. What a sad day it will be when I don't momentarily forget myself and go running through a field of grass with a puppy.

All in all it was a good day. I never cease to be impressed with how much joy Roux brings me on a daily basis. It may sound like a Hallmark card, but it's the truth. She is a good dog. And a good friend.

love, love.

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