yogurt monger

Let it be known that Roux values food - of any sort - above all else in life. I think she'd run in front of a bus for it, jump off a cliff.. I'm not even kidding. So when I am desperate to quiet her down that's my best bet. There was an afternoon last week sometime when she was just going bonkers, running laps around the living room, barking at me, demanding attention. And I was working on... can't remember what, but must've been important. So I gave Roux this little treat we give her on occasion, a rubber toy (Baby Kong) filled with frozen plain yogurt. She finished it in about 5 minutes and we were back to square one. So I did what any terrible mother would do and just gave her the whole yogurt container, which was basically empty. To my credit, I did watch her to make sure she didn't actually eat any plastic. Hilarity ensued. At least for someone who is endlessly amused by their dog.

She has no idea her face is covered in crusty yogurt. And that is precisely why it's so funny. Ahh, slapstick dog humor.

In other, slightly less ridiculous news, my drive up to and back from Evergreen to see the lovely Annick was really sort of breathtaking.

The way up:

The way back down:

love, love.

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Wonder Net said...

I think I love Roux even more with crusty yogurt on her face.