I have hit the wireless jackpot today! Things are working fast and efficient. I wish I could post a video of my location as I write this from a make shift office in one of the old barns here, that also serves as a storage unit for massive amounts of just about anything as well as a living space for up to 3 people. It is a funny world I have entered here in Nebraska, but I like it very much so far. Large amounts of rain last week have brought out the mosquitos in large quantity , but it also means that everything is very green and lush. You know how I love green and lush. Today, was my first semi-normal day, which consisted of waking up, eating breakfast, putting on my mud boots, and heading out to my studio a.k.a. Lone Pine East. A group of high school students came by for a tour so I talked to them for a bit, and then settled in to get some work started. For lunch, I tried to make a bagel, but our ancient toaster pretty much turned it into a piece of charcoal. I ate what I could, and headed over here to check the wireless. Afterward, I will probably do a little more work, and then make dinner with the other artists, sit around talking, do some reading and go to bed. Pretty exciting , huh?

Here's the first batch of Nebraska photos:

My quaint little bedroom. I especially like the orange blanket with the blue rod iron bed frame. Here is the view if you look immediately to your right coming out of the farmhouse. There is a plethora of old cars, farm equipment, junk, etc, but everything is placed just right so it doesn't seem junky, but rather decorative.
The outside of my studio space:
And, the inside of my studio space. I have chosen to work on the floor (much like I did in your and Alex's basement.) This method of mine comes in especially hand in this space where spiders have set up shop along most of the walls and corners.
So, that's a general outline of my life here. I'm excited for what is to come, and will be crossing my fingers for this lighting fast wireless to keep showing up every once in a while so I can share it with you!
Thanks doing the Costa Rica post, I will try to post some of my winning photos at some point too.

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Life sounds serene.