by light of the fireflys

I am sorry to hear of your recent corporate battles, and am so relieved to know that in just a short while you will be done with all that razzmatazz. It will be great for you to spend a little time out here next weekend when you come pick me up, where struggles have less to do with maniac real estate mongers, and more to do with getting lost in the dark on your way from a BBQ at the caretakers' place to the farmhouse. Or, no running water in the bathroom for a week. Or, weeds so tall you have to chop them down with a machete in order to get to save a baby tree that has been trapped in the middle. You know, things like that are much nicer to worry about than childish greedy humans.

Back to the part about being lost in the dark. We had a delightful little get together last night , which highlighted Mojitos made using the massive amounts of Mint growing in the garden, and some great potato salad. We had a lantern for our 5 minute walk back to the farmhouse, but the night was so dark that we still veered 5 minutes in the wrong direction. It was sort of hilarious stumbling around in the weeds (a little bit buzzed) and joking about possibly having to set up camp if we couldn't find our way home. But, the best part of it all were the firefly's. It's really a shame we don't have those in Colorado. They were everywhere and it sort of seemed as if the entire galaxy of stars had dropped down to tree level. Or like there were tiny little poparattzi scattered about stealing shots of us in our predicament. It was magical.

Finally, after a near breakdown this weekend regarding my project and whether or not it should be placed in a waste basket, I have regained a bit of my creative drive mostly in thanks to a decision to work on something new. The big paper project has not been abandoned, but I think it will likely find it's worth in photos. In the mean time, I have spent the last couple of days working on these little sculptures.

One week left seems both long and short. That I will experience another Thursday before you get here makes it seem long. The fact that last Thursday seems like yesterday makes it seem short. Oh time and it's two-faced ways. Nonetheless, I am greatly looking forward to seeing you...and Roux....and Alex for that matter!

Good luck today Champ.

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Claire said...

gosh your life looks so much more PEACEFUL than mine these days...