i love manual labor

I had a lovely weekend, primarily thanks to a surprise visit from David (of Mary and David) as he is making his way from Washington to Virginia. We took a lot of long walks, and saw a lot of birds. My favorite bird of this region so far is the Baltimore Oriole. It 's so fascinating once you start paying attention to birds because they are so unique and beautiful, but often go unnoticed.
I also started my "farm chores." My duties are to help with a water irrigation system in the garden and to a row of newly planted trees. Last night we had to drive the truck into the neighboring farmer's plot so we could access a mound of tires we needed to put around the base of the trees. It was a surprisingly fun task to be out there working under a full moon.

Here is me playing around at one of the old barns on the property. In this moment my stomach is dropping to my feet because that same fear you were experiencing on your climb had suddenly taken over me. I don't know if it's age, but I certainly can't handle heights like I used to.

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