Denver Dog Photography

The more I get hired to do dog photography professionally, the more I like it. I really would love for it to be something I can do on the side next year while I'm in school, but to do that I think I need to move outside of the circle of people I already know. Amping it up requires a name, website, new email, etc. The process has begun, and I have started a website. I think my plan will be to post photos of my shoots, as well as the intermittent photos of other dogs I take on my own. It'll be a place people can go to check out some of my previous work as well as my general outlook on canine photography.

It's up and running, but as of yet there's only one post. More to come soon.

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Wonder Net said...

Fantastic! Someday I will get a dog, and someday I will have you photograph it.