I also love mud boots

Not only do my new mud boots provide some great photo op's , they also make me feel invincible. The grounds here aren't exactly well kept, so when I need to get around (checking on trees and what not) I throw on the boots and trudge through any bit of water or tall grass that stands in my way. In general, I am becoming less and less bothered by the insect population here. In fact, I spend a lot of time studying the ones that happen to be in my studio. I have learned that spiders are very territorial of their webs, and when another spider starts to intrude they will literally fight them off. I have learned that wasps can find the tiniest sliver to enter a space, but will spend hour upon hour trying to escape out of a closed window. And, ants tend to spend a lot of time walking in circles.Here's me at work on the floor. Being on the floor all day is a good way to study insects.
This is the road I take walks on in the evening when I realize I have been sitting on the floor far too long.
And this is the door to my bedroom, where I go to sleep and rejuvenate for another whirlwind day on the farm.

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Claire said...

it all looks like the backdrop of a novel. maybe you should spend some time on the floor doing a little writing, too.