Bad Money

There are two animals here on the farm (not including various wildlife). One is Money, a Pit Bull Boston Terrior cross. When you watch her you are immediately aware of how much she loves living in such a place. She is always sprinting around, or half submerged into some sort of hole. This morning I was working in the studio with just the screen door closed, and she came up to see what I was doing. I said something like "Hi Money, " which apparently sounded like, "come here Money!" At this point she burst in the door and proceeded to run in circles right on top of my work (I have been working on the floor.) I jumped up in surprise which must have freaked her out because she leaped back towards the door and right through the screen. At first I was a little bit angry because there was definitley some damage done, but then I realized how hilarious that little moment was. After some careful tape surgery everything is back to normal, minus a few paw prints....This is Biggie. And this is what Biggie does all day. Every day:

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