too much thinking

Fortunately, none of the 30 or so tornadoes in the region swept me away last night, and I have made it to another day here at the farm. As I write this I am keeping one eye on a tiny little mouse scurrying around just to the left of where I sit.

I've been thinking a lot about thinking. Mostly because I have been reading A New Earth, and also because I am in such a state of solitude right now. I've always considered the fact that I am most often lost in thought to be a valuable characteristic. But, a few things that Tolle talks about, and a few realizations of my own, have opened my eyes to the fact that being lost in my own head so often doesn't allow very much time for me to be completely present. And, when you are not completely present you miss out on a lot of valuable time.

So, I'm hoping to find that balance between between being alive and fully present as well as contemplative and thoughtful about what is going on. Maybe that will happen here, or maybe that is something that takes a life time to achieve.

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Claire said...

i think about thinking too much, too.

did you get to that part yet in the book where i wrote "animals" in the margin? animals are so darn good at staying in the moment. i think subconsciously that's part of why we love them.