I totally thought I'd have more time for blogging after I quit my job, but that is turning out not to be the case.

A few things that are turning out to be staples of my days lately:

1. Wasabi/Mint candle from Archipelago

I looked these up, and they're like $24 for a candle, but IT'S WORTH IT. (Mine was a very thoughtful gift). The next time you're feeling luxurious, spring for it, because this smell is unbelievably good. Not too overbearing, it never seems stale, it's unique but fresh... Basically it's everything you could ever hope for in a smell.

2. LOTS of dog time. Between dog photography and spending time with my dog, I spend more time with creatures of the canine variety than the homo sapien variety. (Just fine by me). Today I met an old friend for a doggie play date at a local swimming hole. Roux and her dog, Ellie, were totally BFFs and are definitely going to be sending each other notes in class and texting after today.

3. Some good runs. Before this week, it had been a solid three weeks with no running, so it feels good to get out there again.

4. Lots of thinking about where I want my little business to go. I have big plans. BIG PLANS.

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lauren said...

do your BIG PLANS include hiring your best friend when she is jobless in a year?