I just caught the individual show jumping final in Beijing. I'd been sort of half avoiding watching any Olympic equestrian coverage because I worried it would just make me miss Annick. It did, but it also reminded me how awesome the sport is. I don't mean awesome like super cool, I mean awesome like awe-inspiring. It's just unbelievable how good they are at what they're doing. You Tube doesn't have good footage of the finals (yet), but you can watch just about anything on NBC's Olympic page. You can see the individual showjumping finals here.


Nadia said...
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Nadia said...

They really were incredible!! If you ever get some free time, check out the Dressage Freestyle rides, so much fun!! Actually, here is a link to it:


Dang I just meant to edit the comment not delete it. I wanted to say watch the video at around 38:34. Its Briar, one of my favorite stallions of all time!