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One of the best things about relationships - all relationships - is that they often push you to do things you otherwise wouldn't do. My relationship with Alex has been that way, through and through. I'd never wash dishes immediately after dinner if I didn't live with him, I'd never know what refrigerated liquid nitrogen does and I'd have missed out on a lot of what Colorado has to offer. It's a huge irony, really, that I've lived in Colorado for (most of) my whole life and never felt like I really started exploring it until Alex moved here. I've always loved the outdoors, and would be inclined to go camping/hiking/climbing without him, but no doubt he motivates me to do it a lot more than I otherwise would. The backpacking trip we took this weekend was a good example. The views from where we were camped have got to be among the most beautiful in the state, and the mountain we climbed was amazing. If you're ever looking for a backpacking trip in Colorado definitely consider the Colony Lakes / Humboldt Peak. Well worth it.

The view driving in:

I am mighty proud of my little Subaru (we call her Ella) who was a superstar on one hell of a road up, which included several river crossings: (Alex called them streams. I call them RIVERS).

Our climb up (and down) Humboldt:

Our campsite (labeling by Alex)

Pup standing guard at our campsite:

As much as I love backpacking, I also love to be clean and smell of apricots, so in that regard I'm glad to be back. Also, I recently discovered this site (thanks to Erin Vey - again), and am falling in love with Photoshop all over again. Friday before we left I did a photo shoot with an Old English Sheepdog, and am now pretty sure I'm going to need one of my own someday. Anyway, here's a preview of what a wonderful combination Old English Sheepdogs + Photoshop make:

Back to the daily grind. . .

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lauren said...

Move that arrow a little to the right, and that's where I once camped in those mountains. Agreed, some of the most beautiful scenery in Colorado.

can't wait to see more sheep dogs...