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Yesterday I was rifling through a box of old papers looking for Annick's sale papers (Annick is sold and that is a post I keep meaning to write, but so far have been unable to really bring myself to do) when I came across a random collection of old photographs. I scanned them in this morning and will include them in this post - isn't it amazing how old they already look? The black and white portraits from my photojournalism classes obviously look old (I actually developed real film if you can imagine how prehistoric that was), but even the color photographs don't seem like they were taken that long ago. . . Except I guess high school was almost a decade ago. SCARY.

So without further ado, here are the ones I've chosen to share...
This one of Lauren was taken during a summer evening mid-high school. I love it because it somehow captures everything about being a teenager on a summer evening with nothing to do.

This is of one of my dogs growing up, can you believe what a little fluff ball she was? As much as I love the old factor of this, I am wishing I could transport myself back in time with my new camera and do a photo shoot. Look how SOFT that fur was - literally as soft as baby llama fur, and I know that from experience.

Every year from the time we were eight years old, Lauren and I have been obsessed with Stock Show. It's a big animal show (including horse events) that comes through Denver every January. We'd been going for years, as much for the chance to smell horses as to watch them compete, so when we actually started competing in it during high school it was like a dream come true. We logged our hours there once and totaled a ridiculous sum, something 70 some odd hours in a matter of days. It was often dark or nearly dark by the time we'd leave the horse show grounds, and this photo is from one of those evenings. I love how out of place a horse looks in the middle of the city.

And these are from my photojournalism class, my attempt at portraits. Something about them is quite nice, if only because these kids have changed a lot since I took the photos. I corralled all my family members and had them each stand for their portrait. Everyone felt a little awkward about it, with the exception of my littlest cousin, Alina. If she could take a stab at Hollywood she'd be a childhood star, because she was born with that quality that is totally foreign to me; the quality of loving to be in front of people, loving to make them laugh.

This is Alina:

And this is Alina's best impression of a wildcat:

And this is shy Sierra, Alina's older sister:

And this is my little sister:

So with that, have a fabulous weekend y'all.

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Wonder Net said...

I'm glad you took the time to scan those. I miss the days of actually having printed versions of pictures though. Remember how terrible it was to wait for them to show up in the "M" or "B" slot at the grocery store, but how totally thrilling and worth it it was when they appeared?

Alina...best wild cat imitation around.