Not a cubicle in sight

I've been feeling a bit like I have that disorder people who have been in jail for a long time get where they don't know what to do with themselves once they're out. Granted I have a pretty mild case because I'm starting to get over it already. Still, it was beyond weird to wake up this Monday morning and not have to be anywhere, not have to do anything except my OWN WORK, which I happen to love.

Speaking of, Denver Dog Photography continues to be a big time vacuum. I have shoots every day this week, and then this weekend Alex, Roux and I are heading out for a backpacking trip...By the time Friday rolls around I'll probably be pretty sick of editing photos, but this is Monday and I'm pretty psyched.

Also, I got super excited when lunch time rolled around, and this is where I was eating my lunch instead of in a cubicle:

Okay, back to editing photos, and a run with the pup in Evergreen. . .

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