genius bar

I had to leave my computer at the apple store this morning for some repairs, and I feel a little bit like I left my child in the hands of a stranger (thank goodness he was a genius). It's probably unhealthy how near and dear our little metal contraptions become to us, but I can't help feeling a little anxious while it's "at the doctor." I pick it up next week when I return from a family reunion in California, so good thing you will be back on the wagon to make up for my absence.

I was lucky enough to pick up a free road bike from a friend who was moving away from Washington, and have been putting it to good use this week in Portland. Yesterday we went for a good long ride (flicker photo found here ) starting in Hood River and ending at Rowena Point. I'm certain that Oregon offers some of the best scenery in the way of easily accessible outdoor activities, and I am also certain that road biking is my new favorite form of exercise.

On another note, I found a place for you to work in Portland. We toured last night with Sara's friend who works there. They have yoga/pilates/concerts everyday during lunch, 24 hour kegs located on each floor, and a meeting room that is a giant nest perched amongst huge wooden rafters, just to name a few. Take a gander here

This evening includes rock climbing and a rooftop viewing of Flight of the Navigators. Should be top notch.

Till next week......

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Claire said...

i want to be in that photo.