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Thank you Claire for diligently tending to the blog whilst I was out gallivanting around the Northwest. After what seems like months, but has only been about a week and a half, I am sitting in my new apartment listening to Bon Iver (who I forgot to add to my ipod and missed dearly). What's great is that the next time I will be here after tomorrow morning you will be with me and it will be late July.
And now for a brief photographic glimps into my latest adventures. The day I left Palouse it was beautiful and sunny around the whole region, the first teasing of actual warm weather we have had. I have learned that a sunny warm day is a big deal around here, especially closer to the coast. People soak up every second of it because they are aware of its anomaly. Although, it's great to be so appreciative, I have desperately been missing the seasons of Colorado. Most of the drive west across Washington consists of farm land, and here I tried to capture all the tiny little dirt tornados I was driving through. They were everywhere and I sort of felt like I was existing in post-Apocalyptic times. Turns out I didn't capture them at all but I still liked this picture:
Seattle was a fabulous time. I always appreciate any amount of time I get to spend with Shauna and her family, and am so thankful that we ended up in Washington at the same time. It was so warm that we headed to the beach one day, and of course it was packed with all the people who had come out of their hibernation. Amongst those people were Dave Matthews and his family. It's no wonder they live in the area when they have views like this. I am in love with the beach+mountain combination common to this part of the country.
Early Sunday I got in the car again and drove north towards Canada to meet my brother and his girlfriend in Vancouver. I barely made it past the sticklers at the border control, and was pleasantly surprised to encounter yet another amazingly beautiful place. Weather was still warm, so we rented some cruiser bikes and rode them all around Stanley Park (their much nicer version of Central Park). In just one loop we saw totem pols, the ocean, the forest, the city, the flora...everything. I am convinced that the second best way to get around (after horses) are cruiser bikes.
Another thing I have really grown to love in my time living somewhat coastal, is the constant and aesthetically intriguing presence of boats.
And boat equipment.
A major highlight for me...getting to see some Timber Wolves up close. They were in an enclosure, but a delight to see nonetheless.

You mentioned these flowers in your last post I believe. I am very fond of them as well.
This is my favorite scene from our day trip out to Victoria.

There are many more lovely Canada pictures, but I'm going to move on to avoid and unruly length to this post. While in Seattle I got an invite from some friends in Portland to do a camping trip near Bend, Oregon. I jumped on the opportunity to spend time in the outdoors and see new places. Unfortunately, the previous weekend of warm weather was not making a sequel and camping was abandoned due to rain, cold temps, and , yes, even snow. But, we still hiked up to Proxy Falls, I in shorts and Keen sandals, through the snow. Conditions were less than ideal but I think seeing the waterfalls made the experience worth it for all of us. There's nothing like a little misery to make something more memorable.

And , with out the snow I never would have been able to create this masterpiece!!
Alright, I am exhausted, and I need to get many things done before I leave again tomorrow...this time it's to Colorado to see you!

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Claire said...

i love your pictures and am glad you've been taking them. keep it up, champ.