the weekend in brief

We spent most of the weekend in New Mexico with many, many family members. It was good to see everybody, and there were some definite highlights, but also I will be glad to not go out of town next weekend. Friday afternoon we packed up the car and left the house, only right as we were about to get on the highway I realized I left my camera at home. So we turned around and got it. And then I took approximately no photographs the whole weekend. Except for this one through the window on the drive:

And this one, which serves no higher artistic purpose, but instead proves how strangely our dog sits. A little like an old man with a beer belly.

Sunday afternoon I worked on logos, which was fun until the fourth logo at which point I'd lost all motivation and munched pickles whilst trying to squeeze out one last tiny drop of creative genius. Also during this time I sat on the floor twiddling with my camera pushing random buttons which resulted in some strange, dark setting I don't know how to undo.

So that's the weekend in brief. Happy Monday.

(On a side note, I don't know which sites you check on a regular basis, but every now and again you should head over to Oliver Daily. I know part of why I like it is because I like animals of the canine variety. But also I really love this little window Oliver's life (and whoever his owner may be). They appear to live on a vineyard in some European country in a house with big wooden doors and lovely tile floors.)

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