Mighty Moab

I loved Moab.

Partly because I love trips, even little weekend road trips. And I tend to love them double if I cross a state line. Moab was not only drop dead gorgeous, but a helluva good time, too.

I've come to realize that I am unordinarily affected by the aesthetics of my surroundings. My entire sense of well being can be altered by that factor alone. Moab was good for my sense of aesthetics because it looked like this:

And this:

Saturday we (we= A, me, the aforementioned Eric and Lara, our other friends Grant and Becca, and of course, Roux) went mountain biking in shifts, which worked out surprisingly well; the girls went on their own, the guys on theirs. And someone was always with the dog. In the parking lot. Which actually happened to be a rather nice spot.

At this point I have to interject that I really, really liked the mountain bike I rented. A lot. It was like my soul mate of bikes because, see, it had a horse on it:

Next time I have a spare 2,900 BUCKS, I am totally going to buy it.

Sunday we hiked into Negro Bill Canyon (there was much debate about how to pronounce that first word), which was bar none one of the most beautiful hikes in recent memory. For most of the hike you're down by the water where everything is green, green, green but still there are huge red walls shooting up on all sides.

Roux got her first taste of water. She actually crossed the river, in the water, which was a first, and drank out of the river, which was another first, and then got dumped into the river by me, which was yet another first. She was totally in her element in the heat and while she's still not totally sure she wants to be a swimmer dog, she was in seventh heaven.

The hike eventually leads to Morning Glory Arch, which was worth spending some time at, even if it was a little crowded. And actually, even though we spent a little time at Arches National Park, the Negro Bill hike by far outshadowed it. I could definitely do with a couple weeks in Moab for a more little exploring.

So could Happy Dog Roux.

(The rest of the Moab photos here)

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