the cut

I've been meaning to cut my hair for oh, about six months. On a very basic level, I'm just sick of it and ready for change, although that never proved to be enough of an impetus to make me actually cut it. It's a stressful thing, getting a haircut.

A few weeks ago when I met up with Julie (our good friend undergoing chemotherapy), my hair happened to be down and hers was gone. It just seemed like all my hair was so unecessary. After that I was sure I wanted to chop it. So I made an appointment and did a little research. I've decided to donate it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. I looked into a few others (who knew there were so many places to donate your hair?), and it turns out there's a lot of variety in the causes these programs donate to. For example, Locks for Love donates to kids who have a disease which causes them never to grow hair. I knew I wanted to donate mine to a program specifically designed for women undergoing chemo. Beautiful Lengths does exactly that, and distributes their wigs around the country for free. Also they have a Flickr group and Flickr is pretty much the bomb.

So after tomorrow all this

will be gone.

Sayonara, hair.

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