hitting the road

Tomorrow begins it all. Day one of my summer travels. I think I am in a state of denial right now about what lies ahead, but I'm sure it will all sink in as soon as I'm on the highway headed west. Most of the denial has to do with the fact that when I return everything will be so different. I will really really be living in a new town instead of this partially here partially there business I have been up to lately. All my second year friends will be gone. Most notably Mary and David will be gone which is the strangest part of it all. They have been my family for the last year, and their absence will leave an uncomfortable void. I am trying to figure out a way to get some false documentation that I need a therapy dog, because therapy animals are the only ones allowed to live in this building. Yes, I think a therapy dog is the perfect solution for an uncomfortable void.

Tomorrow's destination: Seattle.

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