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One of the reasons I am far worse at posting blogs is because I live in a world of unreliable and often slow internet service. So, please forgive me for that. 
The most recent bit of excitement in my life is that I have been accepted to an artist residency. Residencies are something that fly under the radar to the general public, but in the art world they are pretty exciting. Tons of them exist all over the world, and each one is different, but basically they are places for artists, dancers, writers, etc. to live temporarily and concentrate on their work with out dealing with life's daily distractions.
I applied to the Art Farm in Nebraska and hardly expected to get accepted, but I just received word the other day that in fact I was accepted! The only bump in the road is that they offered me the month of August which isn't ideal, but I am in the midst of doing a little schedule juggling and crossing my fingers that it will all pan out. Nothing is set in stone yet, so I hope this post isn't putting the cart before the horse.
Rural Nebraska isn't necessarily the most exotic destination, but from the website the place seems really charming. There are about  3 or 4 artists working there at a time.

I will have access to explore and use anything on the whole property:

The old barns serve as gallery and studio space:
I will get to live in this delightful little house with the other artists:

And, at night I will see this:
If it all works out it promises to be a thrilling experience. The one thing that makes me nervous is that it will be the first thing I do as an "Artist." Or maybe I should say the first thing I will be doing where I am not a student. I don't know if I am communicating that well, but to me this whole thing exists in a world I have yet to enter.

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Claire said...

i think nebraska is just as exciting as anywhere else when it's that beautiful.
i can't wait to see your photos of it, little artist.