StatAttack, Austin Kleon

News of the day: I just now sprinted in the rain to the corner across the street to mail my deposit for graduate school in the fall. I still have to sort out all the financial details, but now I really feel like I am going.

Yesterday I found two stops on the internet highway that I'm pretty fond of at the moment.

Numero Uno: StatAttack

This is a lot like Rosa Loves, which I know I posted about at some point. It's the marriage of my love for t-shirts and my love for altruism. All the shirts have stats on African countries like life expectancy and poverty levels. Proceeds go towards helping those countries.

It's well worth going to this link and reading several of Austin Kleon's blackout poems. I don't even really like poetry, but I love these. He's working on getting a store up so that you can buy prints of these poems. I just may be one of his first customers.

NPR on Austin Kleon:
"Instead of starting with a blank page, poet Austin Kleon grabs the New York Times and a permanent marker — and eliminates the words he doesn’t need. He recently transformed an article about a piano concert into a poem that begins: “Forget about trying to speak … the image is the travelogue.” The newspaper ends up more black than white, and shows another way to read between the lines."

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marybird said...

seems like he took a page from tom philips.
a humument is the best thing i've ever read:

(gallery online)