colour lovers

At 9 pm mountain standard time last night I sent off my first piece of totally independent work. For some reason the colors don't display exactly the way they do in Illustrator, so I still have that to sort out, but they can at least start giving me feedback on the logos. In my unceasing quest to find and/or create color palettes I'm happy with, I came across this unbelievably helpful site.

Also last night we met MOBY, Eric + Amy's new puppy (who incidentally is also Roux's uncle). He is very squishy and smells very puppy-like, two qualities that make me really, really like him. I brought the ol' Canon and couldn't resist the opportunity to take pictures of a dog that is not Roux.

Also, I checked out the Lucky Trunks blog, which I hope you've seen because it's all about Barack Obama. You are so gonna love it.

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Wonder Net said...

i am sad that i will be missing moby's prime squishy and stinky stage.