working hard

I worked just has hard as I meant to last night, but found time inbetween bouts of concentration to help Roux hone in on some important doggie life skills. Like balancing peanut butter treats inbetween her eyes. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to balance an apple (that would've made a good photo, eh?) but Roux just isn't to that level. Yet.

Also our Belgian friend, Emmanuel is staying with us, which I always look forward to both because I like to see Emmanuel and because he always brings us Belgian choclates & beer. I'm really fond of the chocolates, but this year am also fond of the beer labels and corresponding coasters.

It's brewed by trappist monks, which seems a bit odd. If you go the website, you can either click on side tabs about their spirituality or their beer. Must be a Belgian thing.

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