Pabst Blue Ribbo.

The birthday was a success. Every year I try to make a cake that is something; the first year A + I were dating, it was a mountain, the ease of which would ruin me for the next year. If you're trying to make a cake into a mountain, basically all you have to do is layer a bunch of rectangular cakes on top of each other, shave off the sides and use white icing for the snowcap and green for the bottom half. It doesn't even matter if the cake crumbs get all over the icing, because if it's chocholate cake it just looks like dirt, and therefore even more realistic. So the year after that I got overly confident and tried to make an Arc'teryx backpack. As in a backpacking backpack. I don't know what I was thinking because obviously no one can make a cake into a backpack with all those different dimensions and straps and stuff. So I crashed and burned last year. This year I considered all sorts of cake options before finally settling on a Pabst Blue Ribbon cake. Seemed to me they probably made cake pans in the shape of beer cans (why wouldn't they?), and all I had to do after that point was get the writing on there. Turns out they actually don't make cylindrical (is that the right word?) cake pans, so I had to construct the shape of a beer can. Nonetheless, it pretty much worked out. Except for the fact that I ran out of room and had to leave it at "Pabst Blue Ribbo." But that's ok, I sort of like the sound of that, anyway.

Also, the gifts turned out rather well, if I do say so myself. I had the idea of putting little clues on all of them, which sort of added another dimension to gift opening. The downside was that I had to keep them hidden for days beforehand because a few of them were just dead give aways.

Changing subjects completely: why do all dogs love to stick their head out the window of a moving vehicle? It's just born into them somehow. You wouldn't think that'd be an evolutionary superior trait or anything. But Roux is no different, and I've been trying for a while now to capture it with my camera, but simultaneously driving, sticking my camera out the front window without dropping it, and catching Roux with her head out the window is all very difficult, so A did it for me this weekend. She is a happy dog.

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