as promised, riveting material

A, Roux and two friends of ours spent the weekend at my dad's place in Beulah, Colorado. Not many people have ever heard of it and even fewer people have ever been there, but it's a quaint little town, if it can even be called that, in the Wet Mountains. My dad and his girlfriend recently acquired two baby Nigerian dwarf goats. These are the second set after a tragic end befell the original Abby and Albi when a mountain lion ripped open their enclosure. These second goats are almost identical to the first and have been given the same names, so they are Albi and Abby the second. Better luck to these little fellas.

I never really thought Nigerial dwarf goats would add too much to the flavor of daily life, but they do. They go on hikes. They snuggle. They drink from a real baby bottle in a very adorable way. They teach the dog how to graze.

Over the course of two days, Roux became very attached indeed. She loves the baby goats so much that I'm trying to make A understand that we simply need a few of our own. So far he has not seen the light.

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