more than a little terrified

As you know, I've been scheming about starting a little, itty-bitty mini business on the side. Suffice it to say it would have to do with graphic design for real estate brokers. I haven't really gotten all the many little parts in order yet (like learning entire software programs, for example), so haven't launched it just yet. Meanwhile, I stumbled upon the opportunity to do a design project for a new downtown development. Rather, the opportunity stumbled upon me. The real estate broker contacted me, I nervously sent off some similar design work, he forwarded that on to the developer and now they want to meet to discuss their project. All signs point to me getting this gig, but I'm still hesitant to really rejoice. Mostly because I'm crapping my pants over it. First of all I have NO IDEA what to charge. How am I going to just pull some number out of the sky and be sure it's the right number? I don't have a rate, since I've never actually done this whilst working for myself. I researched online what the average designer charges and came up with the ridiculous sum of $160/hour for custom work. Of course I can't charge that. So I asked someone with more comprable experience and came up with $40 - $45/hour, which certainly sounds more reasonable. But what if I spout out that number and the guy thinks it's absurd? Or should I just come up with a total charge for the entire project?

Even with all the monetary issues aside - which is no small thing - I'm still petrified of meeting with them. I have some reservoir of internal confidence about my design ability, but zero confidence in my ability to effectively and professionally communicate that to total strangers. I imagine they'll all be middle aged, imposing men in suits smoking cigars and I'll feel like a 12-year-old twat who has no idea what she's talking about.

Looks like I'm going to need a pep talk or two.

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