pony proof

Finally, some documentation of my work in the Portland Horse Project. At first the rings were more difficult to spot than I had anticipated, but I finally located one on the corner of 17th and Irving (near where we went shopping the day you visited). I rigged the thing up in my car so I could just attach it to the loop quickly, with out making too much of a scene. As we drove away I couldn't help feeling sort of bad for the little guy, just leaving him out in the giant world like that.

On my return to Portland a couple weeks later, I went back to the spot to find he
had disappeared. I sort of expected it because it was such a high traffic area, and I didn't have the attaching rig suggested by the website. So, either some no fun chump put an end to him, or (as I like to believe) he escaped on his own and is now roaming freely in Forrest Park.

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