puppy fever

It would seem that everyone in our proximity is catching puppy fever big time. Monday we met Moby, then last night we met little Grady, who happens to look an awful lot like a baby panda and is exceptionally photogenic. Her new parents are tripping over themselves with excitement, recording her every move on video. I've always been a dog person, so when I had to go a good five or six years without one from the time I left home for college until A and I got Roux last fall, I missed having a canine friend so much that I actually used to borrow my neighbor's dog to go running with. I wasn't even really friends with the guy, just with his dog. It's the closest I can come to understanding women whose biological clocks are so insistent that they feel a physical need for a baby. I literally used to feel a physical jolt when I'd see puppies. It's weird, I know. Having Roux has done nothing but affirm why I wanted a dog so badly. True, we didn't ski much this winter, and it's a royal pain in the ass to find a dog sitter whenever we want to be gone from the house for longer than four hours at a time. But hands down it's worth it, such a seriously life enriching experience that it is. So it's no wonder I'm so excited for our friends that are departing down the same dogcentric path we've been on for the last six months.

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Wonder Net said...

she is a baby panda! I'm so glad you are documenting all these milestones that I am missing.