i'm going for it

I sort of wanted to wait for this post #100 until I had something really exciting to write about, or some brilliant photo I could post.
But I have neither of those, instead I have an SOB story about a sick dog and a sick horse, and this miserable photo to accompany it:

Annick has not been herself lately - too thin, too mopey, too dull, too snotty in the right nostril. I kept taking her temperature, which is no small thing, having to be done in a horse bum, but she never had one so as per the advice of everyone I asked, I delayed calling the vet. Finally this weekend I decided I had to call him, temperature or no, Annick looked so terrible. He came yesterday afternoon, took x-rays of her sinus and did bloodwork. Still don't have the bloodwork back, but he did say she has a big ol' sinus infection. What do they do for equine sinus infections you might ask? They drill a hole in their heads. And then they insert little plastic tubes, and then you flush those tubes out twice a day. He said most horses this happens to are head shy forever after, and no wonder. I feel TERRIBLE I didn't call the vet earlier when maybe such drastic measures could be avoided. And I feel terrible that Annick has to go through so much pain and she will never understand why. I usually don't mind that animals can't speak english, but boy if they could just have the magical ability to understand what you were saying every now and then that'd really be helpful.

As if all the drama with Annick's illness wasn't enough, Roux is sick as well. Her little GI tract has been off lately, but yesterday she had the runs so bad I had to take her to the vet, too. She has a bacterial infection and will be on special food and antibiotics for the next week.


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