rock star

Did I forget to mention that I played guitar and sang a song in front of a crowd of people last week? It's true...the long anticipated performance of Buckin' Horse Rider actually happened. Of course, it was the most crowded open mic I had been to, and we had no idea how people would respond. So , after David played two of his new songs (and mesmerized the crowd), Mary and I joined him on stage for our song. Turns out people loved it. Much of that was thanks to David and Mary's comical facial expressions and guitar kisses. People laughed, clapped, and I think even played the tambourine. Mary followed up with two of her own songs (and also mesmerized the crowd.) Now, I can check that life goal off the list...

Also, I am about to start the moving process again. I picked up the lease papers the other day, and in about a month I will officially be living in this quirky little apartment.

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Claire said...

it's lovely!
are you on the first floor?

i can't wait to visit you there.