weekend past and weekend future

Last night A and I deviated from our Sunday night bum around the house and go to bed by 8pm routine and went to see Yeasayer. It was a good show and I'm glad we went, but no doubt it bordered on too weird. They are a bunch of crazies, and we sort of felt like we forgot to smoke a joint before we came. It looked like this:

But still a bunch of talented guys, and I'm still a Yeasayer fan. So much so that I'm wearing the t-shirt today.

A and I decided we're going to Moab next weekend. We may or may not be accompanied by another couple, but either way we will go. With the dog. Which means we can't even mountain bike. But we'll still get to see the sights. Plus I've been feeling antsy about getting out sometime soon, so it'll be a welcome change of pace.

It's gonna look like this:

(photo thanks to this guy on flickr)

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Wonder Net said...

I was just thinking about Moab, and how every time I am supposed to go there the trip gets canceled. So, have fun, and promise we will go there together sometime.

Also, I have been completely obsessed with that Seabear video, you were right. Last night I signed up for emusic, and my first download was the Bon Iver album (also have become obsessed with him since A's muxtape post.)

Thanks A.