a sunday well spent

Sunday was glorious. Saturday, not so much. But Sunday was money. We woke up super early and drove to Loveland Pass with the dog and friends Eric + Lara to climb Sniktau, an easy 13er with good views. It was gorgeous up there, and worth the waking up early and the drive.

In the end we didn't make it all the way to the top (although I think we were darn close) because apparently our African dog can't hack it 10 degree weather with gale force winds. She got cold and miserable, and there was only one immediate solution...

...to dress her in my North Face fleece. She wore it surprisingly well, prancing around like it was perfectly acceptable for a dog to be wearing an outfit. Our fellow hikers and her fellow canine climbers turned down their noses I'm sure. Something about a Malamute totally in his element in the snow and wind really overshadows a little dog in a sweater. Yes, I said SWEATER. Mostly because one time A told me about how this girl in a sub shop told him she liked his SWEATER when he was wearing a fleece, and for some reason it really struck my funny bone at the time, and still I think it's hilarious.

Back to the story. Originally we'd considered skiing after the climb, but decided instead to spend the afternoon doing this:

And this:

Yes indeed, a Sunday well spent.

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