As you know, every year we anxiously anticipate the coming of warm weather, but I think this year takes the cake for anticipation. In Colorado, we tend to get little gems of sunny and 60 scattered throughout winter time. That has not been the case here in Eastern Washington this year. So, when we hit 70 degrees yesterday I thought I was going to explode with delight. I took full advantage wearing flip flops AND shorts. Spent most of the day relaxing in the park, and took a good long walk. Even though the weather is traditionally unstable, Spring is definitely my favorite time of year. It's sort of sappy to say so, but I never get tired of seeing things come to life. On the walk we spotted three turtles who probably just came out of hibernation that day. They seemed to be enjoying the river and the warm air as much as I was.

Today is rainy, gloomy, and cold.  Yesterday seems like a dream.

(I've tried countless times today to add a picture of me sunning in the park. Alas, I have become too frustrated and given up. Maybe tomorrow...)


Claire said...

turtles hibernate?

Wonder Net said...

yeah, I didn't know that either, but apparently they stay in the mud all winter.