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Recently stumbled upon this site and really, really love it. Basically since the advent of the PC I've been obsessed with fonts. I have a graphic/interior designer/artist aunt who is a font maniac too, and she recently wrote me an email saying this about going back to school:

Ironically, although I had an uneasy relationship with highschool and my first time round in college (I don't think we can count Oxford as I mostly studied Englishmen there), I have really loved the degrees I've taken since. Hard work isn't the deciding factor, as both the Graphic Design degree from St Martins and the Diploma from Inchbald were incredibly demanding. It isn't that I liked every aspect of the courses either, because I didn't. A lot of it was mixing with people who shared my perspective - just like our conversation on fonts - you either get them, or you don't. Mixing with a whole college of people who got it was a heady sensation.

She's right. You either get them - and love them - or you think they're absolutely inane. If you belong to the first group, you just might enjoy the Rather Difficult Font Game, found here.

My sister's birthday is next week and I've been agonizing over what to get her for weeks. Despite hours of browsing online I couldn't make up my mind. Then I decided to design a t-shirt, using uberprints.com. The downside is that you don't have much control over where the design actually goes (I wanted the letters to wrap around the sides). The upside is that it'll still be unique and personal. The plan is to celebrate her birthday (the big 2-1) at a little bar in the middle of Nowhere, New Mexico called Cold Beer. It's basically exactly what you'd imagine it'd be, a falling-down sort of place with live country music and all sorts of rough types. Including my grandma, who will be there to dance the night away. Here's the front of the shirt:

So it's a little pro-drinking-woo-hoo-you're-21, but it's a long time coming. She's earned it, just by being alive for two decades + 1. Besides, I don't think she's in danger of going of the deep end, drinking-wise. Although maybe wearing this shirt she'll be more inclined.

Last link of the day: a fad I can feel myself falling in love with.

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Wonder Net said...

I am extremely sad that I will not be at the Cold Beer celebration. Lately I have been craving New Mexico time like crazy for some reason.

You are one of the most prolific internet sleuths I know. Keep up the good work. I love when you find things like Cuban movie posters.