The Business of the Day

Here commenceth the business of the day.

1. I have decided to start using capital letters where they belong. A tiny voice inside my head constantly berates me for not using everything I learned in journalism school. (Was journalism school supposed to be capitalized?)
2. Posting the Winter White photos of the day:

3. YOUR POETRY IS MAGNIFICENT. Keep it comin', and at the end, you should make a book. With a rooster on the cover.

4. I came across Erika Janunger's work today and am really in awe of it. Check it out here: http://www.erikajanunger.se/design.swf

A couple of my favorites:

5. I got super excited to watch an Obama classic, but the link didn't work. Maybe if you just repost the title of the speech, I can find it on his website.

I think that covers the bases.....


Agnieszka P. said...

I like the branches peeking out from the corners of your photos...!

dandelion said...

ooh the tree photo is divine - i love it...x