my heart is for the stock

It's that time again. When the West returns to Denver, and typically Claire and I spend an abnormal amount of time in a rinky old collesium in a sketchy neighborhood next to some railroad tracks and surrounded by cows , horses, and anything that relates to them. Yes folks , I speak of the National West Stock Show, quite possibly my favorite time/event of the year. If someone were to ask me to name one of my favorite places on all the earth, I would not be surprised if I replied "the stalling area and warm up arena at the Event Center during the Stock Show." Seems silly, but that place is like an old friend. I don't even have all good memories from, actually some really low points of my horse show career have taken place there.

I love that Claire and I have memories of attending the Grand Prix with her Grandfather, and patrolling the vendor booths for a new horse related treasure, or perhaps it would be the year we could finally convince our families to let us take home a live chicken or rabbit.
I love the ability of the Stock Show to never enter present day. By this I mean, you can always count on feeling like you have traveled back to the golden age of farmers, and rodeos, and giant turkey legs on a stick.
I love that four cows lined up with their butts facing you is a common sight, just around any corner. I even love the smells.
I love watching the Grand Prix in that arena with the sparkley gold streamers and lights dangling from the ceiling. I love lounging around with Laurie and the gang by our stalls and watching my friends ride. I really love the powerful feeling of having and exhibitor's badge! By the way, I am wearing one of my badges today so I can feel connected in some way. I love fantasizing about Charles the tall handsome gray-haired announcer.
I love that blue curtain and shavings area where everyone who has experienced success gets their photo taken.

Wow, maybe I should have written a love poem about the stock show. Mostly, I am so sad that I can not be there right now taking it in with my best friend. Blogging will have to suffice.

Here's to you National Western Stock Show! May you continue to hold a warm spot in our hearts.

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