warrior and survivor

It seems like ever since I have decided to wage war on negativity, it is showing it's ugly face more than ever. People have returned from break more worn down than refreshed, one of the first years has even decided she will be dropping out. So, here I am on little old team positive waging war with the ever increasing war of negative nancy's. There has just got to be a point where you sum up the courage to look up a bit. There are days when I don't even want to get out of bed (isn't that called depression?), but I HATE those days, and would like for them to come around less often. Like you said, dear Claire, it's about taking refuge and solace in the little beautiful and often over looked things in life. There's always someone who's got it worse than you do.
I'm trying to make the darn picture uploader work, but it's having a rough time still. So I will describe the pictures instead. The first is the view from my back deck of the snow, the skeletal remains of some bushes, and the sky filled with the last remnants of the day's light. It's the perfect example of seeing the beauty in a less than ideal situation. My apartment, for the most part, is a pretty bland environment, but view out back is often unexpectedly beautiful. And the snow! It has been snowing non stop, which makes life just a little less conveiniant, but again, it can be SO beautiful. You would not believe the serenity of driving through endless rolling hills perfectly powdered in white. It's like driving through the clouds.
The next picture is peeking through the blinds at the view from the front of the apartment, just to give some perspective of my surroundings.
And, the last picture is of the faceless bird magnet you gave me who has settled in nicely to her new nesting grounds on my refrigerator.
As you can see I got the photos to appear, but I still struggle with how to get them in the location I want. Hang in there, I will get this thing down some day. I must become one with the cyber highway. In fact, I bought a domain name last night for my very own personal website. It is called www.ponybird.com. Look for exciting things to show up there in the future!

Today could change my life forever.

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Claire said...

p.s. i love, love, love your blinds photo. good work, sarge.