my antisocial tendencies.

because i really dont' like working anymore, and instead have been really involved in using office materials to create fun things (ie this blog), i just spent the last hour making a birthday card for our friend, chelsi:

i actually haven't even seen chelsi in months, so when i got the message about her birthday dinner downtown tonight, my initial reaction was to politely decline. after all, once you've driven from golden to downtown denver and back in one day, the last thing you feel like doing once you're home, clad in sweatpants and slippers, is to get spruced up and drive right back down there. but then i realized with a start that if i did say no - and for no good reason, too - i would be one of THOSE people, those grumpy no fun people and that is the LAST thing i want to be.

take note: if you ever do catching me acting old and grumpy please slap me. (or at least give me a good long-distance talking to if you're still 2,000 miles away).

speaking of my antisocial tendencies, one of my worst ones spawned its ugly head saturday night. a & i went out to a local mexican joint (called tequila's for a reason) with several friends. by the time we drug ourselves home i'd had more tequila than any one person ever should. everybody was in our living room, acting like obnoxious drunks, which is exactly what you're supposed to do on a saturday night. it was early still too, i'd say about 10pm. i awoke the next morning with no recollection of how the night ended, only to find out i'd shipped myself off to bed promptly after returning home and worse, i let the dog in the bed with me - a BIG no-no in the land of a & c. the humor is inescapable; a was mad, but really how mad can you be if my course of action when inebriated is to sneak away and crawl under the covers with the dog???

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