quick and simple

you and i have always been able to take pleasure in simplicity. here is some artwork i recently came across that achieves that complete feeling, even in it's sparseness. plus , her name is claire. claire cowie:

on the subject of simplicity, here is my latest poetic creation:



i watched from my window
a grand production

first a gorilla
then bison, whale, jiggly jello

quite the deciever

a black silhouette migration
a narrative induced transportation

on a red brick terrain

there you have it. next week we are supposed to par down the one we wrote this week so that it is nice and tight and succinct. oops. i just never have been a long winded kind of person.

i don't know how to get my words to stop italicizing.

your Raton adventure/birthday extravaganza seemed beautiful. Raton also achieves that mysteriously simple yet powerful status. being there always feels balancing to the soul.

i miss you a lot right now.
and i mean that (you can't lie in italics).

love love

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