my first blog. here goes

sheep have changed my life.  thanks to a snazzy new laptop that doesn't weigh ten pounds i have finally set up wireless and can blog at my leisure in the privacy of my own studio. my new career plan is to win contests such as the maryland sheep and wool festival year round and take vacations. i'm looking forward to it.

i say we keep the content of this blog open to whatever inspires us. agreed? whatever strikes our mind chords. 

my mind chords are troubled at the moment. the morning was off to a brilliant and pleasant start.  then, as i was harmlessly meandering up to get my lunch from the fridge on the 6th floor, I was intercepted by my disgruntled student from last semester. he was just stopping by to inform me that he was about to go to the dean to argue the grade i gave him last semester. i wasn't surprised but i still got that sinking feeling in my stomach. anyone who hates conflict such as i do knows that feeling. most likely, things like this will be constant in my life if i choose the path of a teacher, but i hate it. perhaps you get numb to it. but, i still hate it. half of my wants to just say, screw it take your stupid A. but the other half tells me to stand firm and teach the young lad a lesson about hard work. if only he had put the effort into his drawings that he has put into this fight. why do people love to fight?

Sometimes I would like to escape reality, much like this little sheep is doing in my studio.

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