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Today you are 24. I know, comparatively, that is a young, but when I think back to second grade when we wrote our first story together and became fast friends, it seems like a wise old age. We have certainly packed a lot of wonderful times into the last 17 odd years. I love having such a long and rich history with a friend. I wonder what we will be remembering when we are 80 years old sitting on the big beautiful porch of the house in my dreams?

I am extremely jealous that you have spent this past weekend in Raton with your man and your pup. I imagine it was wonderful, and can't wait to see what moments you have captured now with your new Canon Rebel friend.

The most exciting events of my week revolved around Linda Sormin, the visiting artist who was here for the last 10 days working on an installation. She teaches at Rhode Island School of Design, so I guess you could say she 's a pretty big deal. Anyway, she was so delightful to interact with. I took my 3D class down to work with her one day, and she has that natural ability to spout intelligent and inspiring things while avoiding cockiness and snobbery. I had a great studio visit with her, and she was immediately perceptive of what is missing from my current work that was apparent in some of my best undergrad work. We had a conversation about how grad school is like a wolf that can guide you and protect you, or if you are not careful, it can kill you. It was a great conversation. The next day she tracked me down to suggest I spend more time with the grizzly bears in the research center on campus. I knew she understood me after that....
It was completely refreshing to have her around. Here are some images from the installation she worked on, and that remains up in Gallery 2. A huge part of these installations is getting people to work together and see how each persons actions and decisions effect the next move, and the energy of the piece as a whole. There was a list of about 200 people that were able to work with her on it. I think that's a beautiful way to create.

On the topic of beautiful things and working together, here is one of Obama's latest speeches. It's worth your time.


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