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so i get merriam webster's word of the day emailed to me, which is great because it makes me feel like i'm really making an effort to expand my vocabulary on a daily basis. the problem is, i never remember any of them. so i figure if i post some of them (only the ones that are at least vaguely useful), then i will HAVE to type them, thereby forcefully giving myself a second chance to learn them, and other people may or may not benefit as well.

so here are the latest:

january 8, 2008

cliometrics (\klye-uh-MET-riks\): the application of methods developed in other fields (such as economics, statistics and data processing) to study the history.

example sentence: for his doctoral thesis, quentin used cliometrics to examine the impact of universal suffrage on economic development.

january 10, 2008

anathematize (\uh-NATH-uh-muh-tyze\): curse, denounce

example sentence: the biography presents a balanced account of the life of a writer whose work was beloved by the masses and anathematized by critics.

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