my wonderland

i thought I would join in on the winter white theme since i have these new photos from yesterday. it' s been nothing but snow and ice for the last month on the Palouse, but as much as i yearn for warmer weather, i can't deny how beautiful it all is covered in white.
regarding the daily business:

-sometimes i might join in on capitalizing, but for the most part i like the rebelliousness of no caps.
-i'm glad you like my poems. although, i don't think they are worthy of a whole book unto themselves. especially not a book with a the nobility of a rooster cover.
-obama speech. go to his website and look for the Martin Luther King sunday speech. or perhaps youtube will yield findings as well.
-was that all the business? i can't remember...

Regarding your earnesty:

me and my comrades in the fine arts dept. like to use the phrase "vomit art." this refers to the feeling of "vomiting" your soul/insides out into your work (because that's basically what you do when you create art). and we joke about how bizarre it is to show this "vomit" to other people because often it is so intensely personal that you have no idea how it will be received. it sounds strange now that i am writing it all out, but i think you understand what i am saying. it's a feeling you are going to have to get used to, especially if you are headed off to school.

often, my best works are the ones i am terrified to share. because they are honest, and revealing of that part in myself (and in any person) that is commonly concealed. so if you feel that way, you are on the right path.

love love

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