the art of things.

so i actually went to work out, like in a gym, on saturday. that's the weirdest part of the story. anyway, on my way home i was driving past goodwill, and just had a crazy sudden inspiration to stop there. i never stop there, so i don't know what it was that made me pull over, except that in retrospect i sort of think it had to do with fate. because when i got there i encountered this:

which i love so much that i subsequently forced roux to sit in front of it for hours while i metered my camera. if she looks like she's really concentrating, it's because she is. on the treat that is sitting right in front of her.

i have a sneaking suspicion that this post is going to turn into a list of things because i'm itching to post a few more photos, photos of things i've been really loving. on one hand i feel like i need to start battling this crazy desire for beautiful things because it's getting a little consumeristic. (is that a word?) but on the other hand, at least these things i'm falling in love with are either: a) on sale, b) hand made, or c) used. so that makes me feel a little better. here we go.
whilst waiting in line at starbucks last week, purposely eavesdropping on conversations around me because this new starbucks happens to be in the lobby of the environmental protection agency building, which means that when you eavesdrop on conversations it's not about cover reports and board meetings (which is how it is everywhere else downtown). instead it's something about how the ponds where the ducks live are getting scummy, or how the grasshopper population is increasing or something equally biological and scientifical. ANYWAY, while all of this was going on, i was perusing the christmas sale items when i came across a very shiny, very beautiful mug which was just $2.99. AND i had a gift certificate. so the sum of those factors meant that i had to buy it. and i'm glad i did, because just look at how lovely it is:

lastly, i bought these little flowers during a grocery run because they were on sale ($2.99, again), but having them in the house has made me consider the possbility that buying flowers on a semi-regular basis just might be worth the cost. even if they are full price.

love, love.

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