better late than never

Here's my weekend, in brief: (and a day later than intended)

1. Had a little impromptu surprise cake gathering for a good friend's birthday. Alex not only baked the cake, but also convinced me to write "jackass" in scripted frosting.

2. Did a lot of work on some bear-related logos (with the help of a very tallented illustrator who also happens to be a good friend). My favorite:

3. Roux was my little buddy all weekend, sleeping at my feet while I worked. She also spent some time doing her guard dog duty at the front door.

4. This entirely unrelated to the weekend, but lately I've been in this classic rock phase and this morning on the radio when Tom Petty came on I totally rocked out. Sang at the top of my lungs and used my steering wheel as a drum set. It made the drive to work enjoyable and made me realize I need to break out of the routine a little more sometimes. So today I am going to make a playlist of just songs I know the words to so that at least once I day I can do some singing. I am not a good singer, not in the least, but I think it's good for the soul.
Yeah, Tom petty.

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Wonder Net said...

What a weekend! Is Alex responsible for all that decorative blue frosting? Forget metal, he should go into baking.

I love the logo as well. You are quite brilliant.