Artist of the Week: Will Pope

I know it's not my turn to post an artist of the week.

I know that, but I'm going to anyway. Because I ran across this fella's work walking around downtown, stole one of his postcards and have had it sitting on my desk, right by my computer, just waiting for an Artist of the Week post. And now that it's been sitting here for several days I'm ready to move on, start looking for a new Artist of the Week, and in order to do that, first I need to give Will Pope his due post.

I really want to hang Will Pope's work up in my house. I like the colors, I like that you could probably spend a long time looking at some of these pieces and never really get bored of them and of course I love that most of his work has a token horse (or five) somewhere in it. Probably for my entire life I will be seeking out horse-infused artwork. A good example of that is the fact that right now Alex and I have a big framed painting in our bedroom that has several equine elements, including a horse skeleton. Alex thinks it's creepy. I think it's really lovely to look at horse bones, but I know that's just me and I am not normal.

Anyway, without further ado, here is some of Pope's work. (More found here).

This one I would like to hang in my future children's nursery. The nursery will be located right inbetween the observatory and the conservatory.

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Wonder Net said...

Ha, I guess we were both ansy to post an artist this week. i posted mine before I even saw that you had posted.

I like this Will Pope very much. Let's become collectors.