July: the month of horse shows

For the better part of the last decade of our lives, summer has meant horse show season. Even though I haven't been the one riding the last few years, we've still managed to make it to at least one or two each summer. This summer included, although I have a premonition this may be the last for a long time.

Lauren and I will be spending a good part of the weekend at the Colorado Horse Park, where Annick is hanging out so interested buyers can try her. Saturday night we'll stay late to watch the Grand Prix (you better believe I'll have my camera...and will be regretting the fact that I don't have a super zoom lens).

So come Monday expect some new horse photos (probably with some dog photos mixed in) and maybe a nostalgic look at what horse shows are all about and how much I'll be missing them. Or how much I won't be missing them, depending on how much fun it is to spend 12 hours in the hot sun surrounded by 3,000 lb animals. It's always been a formula for total bliss in the past, but maybe times are a changin'.

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Wonder Net said...

Morrison is lucky he got to be in that sweet photo, otherwise we would probably forget my brief relationship with him.